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 Purchasing the MedPadala EGC is very easy!

 · You can buy MedPadala EGC at any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide or soon, at · MedPadala EGC is available in any Generika outlet from P100 to P2, 500. It can be bought in multiples of P100.

 · Upon purchase, the buyer will receive an SMS containing the MedPadala Code and Pin. The code starts with the amount purchased, followed by a dash and a six alphanumeric character (example : 1500 – XG25T3). The PIN is a 4 digit security number.

 · The PIN is the security of MedPadala . Your beneficiary should keep it confidential.


 Since MedPadala EGC is electronic (paperless), sending it to your beneficiary is just a click away!

 · There are two ways of sending the MedPadala EGC to your beneficiary: via SMS or email.

 · Send the MedPadala Code and Pin to your beneficiary via SMS. 

 · If you buy MedPadala EGC at the store, you can also give your email address aside from your contact number, so that you can forward it to your beneficiary via email.


 Your beneficiary can use the MedPadala EGC instantly upon receipt of the CODE and PIN.

 Where and how can your beneficiary use the MedPadala EGC? 

 · Use the MedPadala at any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide (MedPadala is exclusive to Generika). 

· Your beneficiary will be asked to declare his name and preferably submit an ID. 

· Your beneficiary will type the PIN himself to validate his approval (we have a special keyboard for this at the store).

 · All Generika drugstores are online. However, even if the store is offline, your beneficiary can still use the MedPadala as mode of payment (we have a procedure using SMS for this case).

 What are the terms and validity of using MedPadala?

 · No minimum purchase amount when using MedPadala.

 · Conveniently allows multiple uses: whatever amount purchased is deducted from the balance until it is fully consumed.

 · No expiration date.

 · Discounts for senior citizens are accepted when using MedPadala.

 · MedPadala can be used to purchase generic and branded medicines, medical supplies, and related items. Certain items sold at Generika stores like diapers, beverages, infant milk, beauty products or telco load are not allowed for purchase using MedPadala. This is to ensure that the amount sent is not diverted into purchasing non-medicines.