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Generika new ad campaign assures quality medicines and huge savings

Consumers’ perception about generic medicines being inferior to branded drugs still exists today. Primarily, their doubt on generic medicines comes from the lack of information on the sources or manufacturers of these medicines. Many consumers consider generic medicines inferior since they are perceived to be locally-made and from cheaper ingredients.

Generika Drugstore, with its new campaign, corrects their common notion about generic drugs, and underscores the savings one can get without having to sacrifice on the efficacy of medicines. After all, consumers need to be assured that they and their loved ones will get well with the generic medicines they are taking.

Utilizing Boy Abunda as its brand ambassador for the third year, Generika’s Magaling…Makatao… campaign gives the consumers the confidence and the assurance that the medicines from Generika are of excellent quality, as they are sourced from reliable and known manufacturers here in the country and abroad.  Generic medicines available at Generika are made by multinational and local drug companies which are based in countries like Germany, Korea, Italy and India, among others. In the Philippines, the manufacturers that supply Generika with medicines are only those approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that comply with manufacturing standards, thus attesting to their products’ quality and efficacy.

But quality does not always come with a premium price. At Generika, consumers can buy generic medicines at very affordable prices, but at the same time get the same level of efficacy as branded medicines. Generic medicines contain the same active ingredient as brand name drugs; therefore, they are as equally effective as branded medicines. While generic and branded medicines provide the same efficacy, the significant difference can be felt in the pocket. At Generika, consumers can enjoy savings up to 85% which can be utilized for other expenses or for goods and services that are as substantial as medicines.

Generika’s campaign does not only educate the public about generic medicines, but more importantly, it teaches each and every Filipino to be a smart and practical consumer, by taking advantage of what generic medicines can offer.  

Established in 2003, Generika Drugstore was formed to address the need for quality and affordable medicines, especially for many Filipinos who cannot afford to complete their medication due to the prohibitive cost of branded medicines. Presently, Generika has over 550 branches offering quality, safe and affordable medicines for hypertension, cardiovascular, and other maintenance medicines under Actimed, its own private label of generic medicines.

Generika also offers MedPadala EGC, an electronic gift check that serves to purchase medicines at any Generika branch. Visit for more information about this innovative product.

Generika "Bantay Kalusugan" Medical Mission

Generika Drugstore conducted a “Bantay Kalusugan” medical mission for the residents of Muntinlupa held recently at Bayanan covered court, Muntinlupa city.

The medical mission was a result of a fund raising activity dubbed as Generika Drugstore Run For A Cause (Together We Can Make a Difference), a fun run organized by Generika branches located in Muntinlupa.

A total of 438 patients benefited from free consultation and free medicines and vitamins. The patients were also given freebies and some giveaways from Generika.

The event was made possible through the joint effort of Generika Montillano, Starmall, Bayanan, Starplaza, Putatan, and Generika Poblacion branch. Statcare Diagnostic Clinic rendered assistance by providing doctors and health practitioners.