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Generika Drugstore and Ayala Corporation Partnership

Generika Drugstore is proud to be the newest member of Ayala Group of Companies!

TO this very day, the Philippines has one of the highest price levels for medicines in the developing world. What drug sells for the equivalent of P10 in India sells for P100 in the Philippines; P20 in India, P200 in the Philippines.  In other words, drug prices in the Philippines are typically 10 times higher than in India.   They are, to lesser extents, higher than drug prices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other South and Southeast Asian countries.

What accounts for these extortionately high prices of medicines in the  Philippines?   One, the patent law whose intention to protect innovation and invention has been perverted to preserve monopoly power for pharmaceutical firms.  Two, the laws on intellectual-property rights which have been interpreted to include practically all individual claims to property rights. And three, the mobilization by drug manufacturers of medical doctors, hospital owners and managers into sales agents for specific medical brands through bribes of free travels abroad for this or that so-called medical conference or seminar.

The government has been aware of this situation and has done something about it—establishing Botika ng Bayan, to import and sell to the public pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.  This endeavor has been emulated by the private sector which now brings to the public generic drugs and medicines to break the stranglehold of heavily advertised specific brands.

It is in this context that we welcome with no small amount of jubilation the acquisition by Ayala Corp. of a 50-percent stake in the drug-store chain Generika Group.   Led by businessmen Julien Bello and Teodoro Ferrer, Generika Group is one of the country’s pioneers in the retail distribution of quality generic medicines and the offering of a range of select branded medicines, medical supplies and consumer goods.  It has more than 500 stores nationwide.

Generika has done a tremendous job of raising the awareness of the public to the existence of generic medicine as a substitute for the specific brands advertised under its rubric.  Through Generika’s influence, the Philippine public now knows that generic medicine is the foundation of the curative power of the differentiated brands advertised in the market.  Despite its success, however, Generika has made little impact on the monopolistic predominance of differentiated brands.

A financially powerful partner like Ayala Corp. can make a difference.  It can contribute to the lowering of the prices of pharmaceutical products through the establishment of a wider network of drugstores nationwide; the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of these stores, and the broadening and deepening of offerings of generic medicines. More important, and this seems to be a principal objective of the Ayala group, it can bring high-level medical services to the people through the building and operation of state-of-the-art health-care facilities for them, etc.

May this partnership of two of the country’s socially oriented firms in the provision of affordable first-class health care to our countrymen be rewarded with resounding success.

(Photo and article courtesy of Business Mirror)

Generika Trains Future Certified Pharmacy Assistants

To help Pharmacy Assistants earn credits and to prepare them for the assessment on their NC III certification from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and to eventually become certified Pharmacy Assistants, Generika Drugstore, in partnership with RiteMED, conducted a training program at Generika Drugstore Head Office in Parañaque, which was led by speakers from Asian Pacific Institute on Medication Management (APIMM).


Centered on the theme “Adherence to Good Pharmacy Practice Standards”, the speakers delivered lectures on rational and responsible use of medicines, following guidelines on good pharmacy practice to improve quality of pharmacy services towards global competitiveness, and engaging customers on safe medication, among others.


The lecturers were Mr. Bryan Posadas (Marketing Manager of APIMM, Chairman of the Young Pharmacist Group of the Philippines, and President-Elect of Asian Young Pharmacists Group) and Ms. Arianne Diane Aniñon (Pharmacist, APIMM).

The training program was conducted on June 10, 2015 and July 17, 2015 attended by Generika pharmacy assistants from Luzon and Visayas clusters respectively.

This program was spearheaded by Generika Human Resources Training – Supplemental Unit.

Generika Pharmacists Trains with the Professionals to Brush up their Skills

To keep Generika pharmacists updated with the latest development in the practice of their profession and to improve their skills in providing accurate patient counseling and excellent service to patients, the Generika Corporate Pharmacy Department in cooperation with the Asia Pacific Institute for Medication Management Inc. (APIMM) conducted a seminar at the Generika Head Office in Paranaque City, led by former and current officials from various professional organizations of pharmacist in the country.


Called Pharmacist Enhancement Program (PEP), the lectures revolve around the theme "Improving Medication Use, Addressing Public Health Care Needs" where courses on Endocrine System, Diabetes Management, Patient Counseling on Diabetes, and Patient Counseling on Hypertension were discussed, among others.


The panel of lecturers includes Mr. Bryan Posadas (Marketing Manager of APIMM, Chairman of the Young Pharmacist Group of the Philippines, and President-Elect of Asian Young Pharmacists Group), Dr. Yolanda Robles (former Dean of UP College of Pharmacy and current Secretary General of Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations or FAPA), Ms. Leonila Ocampo (Immediate Past President of Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc. or PPhA), with Ms. Diane Aniñon and Mr. Cristan Agaceta as junior lecturers from APIMM, Inc.


This is just the first leg of the many trainings and seminars that the Projects Development Unit under the Corporate Pharmacy Department of Generika has prepared for its pharmacists. Generika aims to develop further the knowledge and expertise of its pharmacists, in order to provide quality patient-centered care to patients in all Generika Drugstore branches.