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Successful Diet Tip: Eat Six Times a Day!

When deciding to lose weight, which means you have to start keeping your diet well. You do not need an extreme diet, eating more often actually is the key to successful dieting.

According to the Times of India, a study has shown that eating six portions more often helps lose weight. This is why:

  1. Reducing the dose of eating More than 95 percent of those who are overweight are in the habit of eating three meals a day, with a large portions. Of course this will worsen metabolism.

    When you eat large portions, the body is not going to be easy to feel hungry. But this is also a sign that the body begins to slow down the burning of fat in the body. Better, increase the frequency of eating, but with smaller portions.

  2. Fight the risks of an unhealthy lifestyle Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, are diseases that is caused by unhealthy diet. Experts say when you start to lose power, you will tend to choose big foods. Meat, pasta, cheese, and a row of food that looks delicious.

    No wonder so many people fail to lose weight because they are stuck in this pattern.

  3. Helps maintain body muscle Eating more frequently will also keep the body's muscle mass. This is because, the food consumed will provide amino acids and nutrients to the muscles, rapid intervals. To balance the diet, you can follow these rules:

- Consumption of vitamin C combined with eggs. Both will absorb iron very well, as the prevention of anemia that often occurs.

- Replace your breakfast menu with a bowl of whole grain cereal. Combine with milk, plus favorite fruits.