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The Best Way to Store Your Medicine

Did you know that how you store your medicine plays an important part in how effective it is?

What's the deal with those colored containers? Are they supposed to coordinate with your clothing or something?

Think of it this way: The bottle's color protects your medicine from light - kind of like what sunblock does for your skin. Too much light could make your prescription less effective.

As for those colors, the tint your medicine is packaged in really doesn't really matter.

So, where should you keep your medications? Most can be safely stored at room temperature, but check the package to be sure.

One thing to consider is humidity. If your medicine chest is in the bathroom, make sure your meds stay in those tight, moisture resistant containers or that steam could do a number on them.

And what about temperature? Medicines like insulin or some liquid antibiotics— which have a shelf life of only around 2 weeks—need to be stored in the fridge because heat can affect how they work.

And then there's the taste—just like food, some medicine just taste better cold.

Always keep the meds in their original container. Some meds can start to evaporate as soon as they're exposed to the air. If you put them in an unapproved container and need them 6 months later, you may find that when you need them, all you're left with is powder.

Last but not least, if you've got kids in the house make sure the meds are way up high—and keep the safety caps on.

Remember, any questions you have about storing your medications, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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