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In this hard economic time, saving up comes in handy. Saving on purchases is one great way, but what other means you can do to maximize your budget? Well, GeneriKard Specials gives you more ways to stretch your budget by offering GeneriKard holders special deals and monthly discounts. Once you have a GeneriKard, the loyalty card of Generika Drugstore, you can now enjoy monthly discount offers or increased loyalty points on participating medicines. This comes on top of the loyalty benefit already provided by the GeneriKard (the points which you earn can be redeemed later on to purchase goods at Generika).

We are going to feature product(s) which gives you additional discounts to enjoy. Not only that! We are also going to increase your earned points whenever you use the GeneriKard to buy the participating product in our stores. Isn't that something which you appreciate? And since there's no expiration of your GeneriKard, you can enjoy lifetime offers and privileges only with the GeneriKard.

For GeneriKard holders, avail now of these special treats. And for those who do not have a GeneriKard yet, go to the nearest Generika Drugstore branch and get a GeneriKard for you to enjoy our money-saving benefits. You can either be issued a GeneriKard for free if you buy P300 of generic medicines, or you can purchase a GeneriKard for only P50. Get a Generikard now!